11 months and discipline?

So I realized last week that I am extremely busy, but not always disciplined in my busyness and created a schedule to help me (hopefully) become a little more disciplined in my lifestyle.  Within my schedule I tried to alot 15 minutes a day (a couple days a week) for posting on social media accounts and blogging.  15 minutes is not a lot and many people might struggle to keep their time at that amount.  I could lurk on social media all day (which I am trying not to do), but I am going to try to discipline myself to devote some time to actually posting things.  Which means here is my goal and priorities:

1. Facebook: I use it for ministry purposes because so many awesome FBC Georgetown students are on it. I need to maintain a more active presence on it and am going to try to do be active by doing more than just posting events.

2. Twitter: I am great at lurking there because I follow so many great men and women.  You should get a twitter just to get Christian encouragement from people like Alvin Reid and Ed Stetzer.  Twitter is awesome for finding links to relevant blogs as well.

3. Google +: I have an account, but am not there often, but need to use it a little more just to see what is going on with it. Anybody have any useful feedback on it? Is it necessary to use at this point?

4. WordPress: This is where I need to learn to post things that are longer than twitter, but personal like facebook.  I want to also use my blog to practice writing.  You are welcome to follow me.  Hopefully I will make the time to post here a little more often–meaning I will learn my password, remember that it is wordpress and not blogspot (like I just tried), and post more often than 11 months (maybe every 11 days this time)?  Don’t expect something great on here, remember I am trying to do it in under 15 minutes. 


How do you manage your social media time and what is your goal?  Mine has been to grow in the gospel of Christ (hence following great guys who tweet a lot about the greatest story ever told: ( http://viewthestory.com/4133), but over the next few months I hope to contribute by using social media. Let’s see how much it happens. You can probably help it happen more often by telling me how you use your social media time and how you track it.


About jasonemitchell

I hate categories like this. I would much rather describe my wife, kids, or my Lord and Savior, but I am stuck talking about me. I mean Lilli is an amazing wife, my kids are a huge blessing, and Jesus continually amazes me. Me, I'm just a boring guy who is blogging because it's not like I have anything else to do. I'm only a husband, father, youth pastor, and PhD student. That definitely leaves time for blogging.
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