Church on Saturday night?

So, Lilli and I went to Summit church on Saturday afternoon for a 4:15 service.  It felt really weird to do service on a Saturday afternoon, but we really enjoyed it.  I was going to do a lengthy blog about it, but Lilli beat me to the punch so I’m just gonna link to her blog.  Here our thoughts there:

The only 2 things I would add is how much I enjoyed worshipping in a community that really seemed to enjoy it.  It was amazing to feel the voices of other believers around us.  I was also really blessed to just participate in worship.  It was refreshing.  Check it out sometime.


About jasonemitchell

I hate categories like this. I would much rather describe my wife, kids, or my Lord and Savior, but I am stuck talking about me. I mean Lilli is an amazing wife, my kids are a huge blessing, and Jesus continually amazes me. Me, I'm just a boring guy who is blogging because it's not like I have anything else to do. I'm only a husband, father, youth pastor, and PhD student. That definitely leaves time for blogging.
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