Blogging about having better stuff to do than blogging

I am gonna give blogging a try. This is a first for me and it may not last long. Why blogging? Not b/c I have nothing better to do, but b/c I assume that you have nothing better to do than read this. I mean, really if you have anything better to do, shouldn’t you be doing it? Like right now, well more like when you actually starting reading what I am writing a few minutes ago, or maybe just a few seconds ago if you are speed reader. Long story short, because you really do have better stuff to do, I am blogging as an exercise in writing.

I am woefully inadequate as a writer. The biggest problem I have is speed problems. I write very, very slowly, which means I should really be doing something else other than blogging nearly all the time. But, I am going to break the habit of writing incredibly slowly by learning to blog. That means that the blog will be pretty much a un-edited stream of consciousness from me, which is not very much like a stream, but much more like rivers that are running in different directions at the same time. Not so much a stream, but a rambling and wreckless adventure. My mind goes about 20 different directions before I finish most sentences, so good luck following me. Like I said, you really do have better things to do.

Well if I rambled too much longer on this first post, you probably would never wander back over to see me and you would get a lot more done in life that you actually needed to get done. And who wants to do that, that’s what the internet is for, helping you avoid the stuff that you actually should be doing. Well I’m off to eat snack, so that I don’t starve to death in my sleep or in case I suddenly go into hibernation.


About jasonemitchell

I hate categories like this. I would much rather describe my wife, kids, or my Lord and Savior, but I am stuck talking about me. I mean Lilli is an amazing wife, my kids are a huge blessing, and Jesus continually amazes me. Me, I'm just a boring guy who is blogging because it's not like I have anything else to do. I'm only a husband, father, youth pastor, and PhD student. That definitely leaves time for blogging.
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